Product Name: Tetrahydrofuran
CAS NO: 109-99-9
Other names: THF

Appearance: Colorless and clear liquid
EINECS NO.: 203-726-8
Molecular Formula: C4H8O
Molecular Weight:72.11
Density: 0.8892 g/cm3 (g/mL) 
Package: 180KGS in drum

Items             THF
Purity(%)             ≥99.9
Density(g/cm3)             0.886
Water(%)             ≤0.03
Color(ALPHA)             ≤10
Peroxides(ppm )             ≤2
boiling point(°C)             65.4
Melting point(°C)             -108.5
Flash point(°C)             -21
Relative Density( g/cm3(20℃,4℃))             0.889
Package:180kg per steel drum, 80 drums per container or as your request
Resin resolvent (Layered coating for tape, PVC surface coating, cleansing PVC reactor, ink for plastic printing, thermoplastic polyuretha-ne coating.
Reactive solvent (hydrogen aluminum, and boron, steroid compound and macromolecule organic polymer.
Chemical medical agent (Polymerized substances of PTMEG etc.)
Chromatographic solvent (Using the method of gelatins filtering chrom-atogram)


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